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Service 1


GPS - Land Surveying
We are ready to give your company the very best surveying product in the seismic business.  We are currently using Trimble surveying equipment and can provide you with everything from RTK (Real Time Kinematic) to a static control loop.  We will provide you with all the details of the survey and, of course, the final coordinates in almost any known format.  We are set to perform in several different levels of lay-out.   HAFTA can put together the people and equipment to do the job in any kind of environment.  So, if your job needs to be done on foot, truck, snow machines, or quads, we are the surveying company for you.

Conventional - Land Surveying

     If your prospect is located in an area in which GPS will not work then we can and will give enough crews to get it done using conventional survey methods.   We have experience in all kinds of difficult terrain.  We have spend time in the swamps of Louisiana to the peaks of the Rockies.  So, if there is anything in between, rest assured that HAFTA can handle it for you.


Navigation - OBC & Transistion Zone

     With experience in both ends of the US (Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean) we feel we can help you with any and all of your survey needs.  We have experience running all kinds of software and types of positional equipment.  We have run everything from Trimble GPS equipment to Range -Range equipment such as Del Norte.  Software includes Hydro to Racals WinFrog and NGA's TigerNav.  Oyster reef to icebergs, HAFTA can help you with any navigation problems you have.


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Last modified: July 28, 1998